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Monday, November 20, 2006

Again... I have nothing to update on the knitting front... :( I have been LAZY!

Work's been hectic too... by the time I get home, cook some dinner (with DH's help of course) ... wash up.... pack the next day's lunch for myself and DH... I am beat.

Also, I have been cooking (something else I enjoy doing... if you havent noticed by now :P) ... I can spend all day pottering around kitchen.... last Friday, we had our second attempt at making a second batch of Chocolate Truffles... result = much better than first time ... but still HEAPS more to improve (sorry no picture ... didnt bring my camera to Dan's place). I have signed up for a chocolate truffle making course in Singapore... hopefully the class will be informative ... and that i will learn something

I am leaving for Singapore this Sat 25.11.06 and returning to Perth 7.12.2006 Hopefully I will be able to spend some quality time with my father... and prayfully, his health will improve. Amen!

Till I return .... Adieus Amigoes :)

I am soooo Blessed!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thank God for good friends :)

Dan's personal trainer went diving yesterday afternoon and caught a couple of crays and gave 2 to Dan. Dan didnt really want to eat them and gave them to me instead! WOW! Instead of having just plain salad and some chicken strips for dinner, this is what we have instead!

Look at the big grin on my DH's face!!



Needless to say... we were extremely full! Better start on a health detox diet before the festive season hits.... hmm... that will be quite difficult... with crabbing season just round the corner.

On the knitting front... nothing much happening... have been busy and also lazy. I am going back to Singapore next Saturday 25 November 2006 to catch up with my dad... he's not well these days... I will be in Singapore for 2 weeks, and am starting to pack some knitting with me ... a project thats already in the suit case is 3 balls of the sugar and cream cotton yarn... going to make up some more (you can never have enought of these!) Ballband dishcloth ... thinking what to bring with me as well... i hope to be able to finish the marsupial tote before I leave... i still have about 10 days... so if I am reallllly good.... i can have it completed (and maybe even felted) before i leave...

I am still thinking CPH or Cardi for Awen.... hahahaha i'll like to say i will knit both... but i think that day wont be anytime soon!!!

Morning Tea....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Picture speaks a thousand words....

Absolutely delicious!!!! (not that its good for the waistline ... first... think later)

Its happening again!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I have put aside Ms Marigold so I can concentrate on finishing up a Marsupial Tote for a girlfriend for her birthday/Christmas. I am also going to throw in some dishcloths, in my favorite pattern of the moment – Mason Dixon Ballband dishcloth (thanks again Secret Pal for the fantabulous book!) … so now… I am alternating between knitting the dishcloths and tote … no prizes for guessing the dishcloths are winning at the moment…. After this, got to go back to Ms Marigold and finish what I started…so i can at least still wear it for summer/autum.

I have some yarn I picked up in Lincraft around September during sale (only $1.20 per 50g ball for the Katia cotton blend – got 12 of those sitting somewhere in my closet)…I was going to make a simple top out of that before I decided to start on Ms Marigold... I have to get to that or it will just sit in my stash…which I have a feeling it is going to…

I have a dear friend who is going away on an extended holiday… and I am thinking of making something useful for her to bring on her holidays…scarf? market bag?.... maybe something simple and easy to finish :P

Michelle and I recently bought a stack of Rowan All Seasons Cotton….which I am thinking of maybe making a Bolero or short sleeve cardigan sort of thingy … i wonder when that will be.... ^_^

We are also planning to make a winter hoodie…. this is a HUGE project for my standard… so we (or rather I) have to start early or it wont be completed for winter! … this also means *fainted*… getting more yarn! For me ... its a choice between Central Park Hoodie or A Cardigan for Arwen...any suggestions?

My DH asked me for another beanie and a vest for next winter....and I have to learn how to make socks too… *fainted*


A Productive Weekend

Still reeling with excitement from receiving my precious package from my secret pal... i started on a Ballband Dishcloth, but using some left overs of my Bendigo Cotton yarn, instead of the Sugar and Cream Cotton all the way from the US. I am saving that for later, when my skills have improved :P ... I just love the pattern of the Ballband Dishcloth ...and its really easy... good thing is... it LOOKS complicated and impressive... hahahaha...!!

Also had my first attempt at making chocolate truffles.... with Dan. I didnt take any pictures of the process ... lets just say its.... um... messy! (understatement of the year) Here are the fruits of our labour... I must admit is not flash... but its a good start ... you reckon?

Good thing that came out of it was that we had HEAPS of Valrhona chocoate to eat... YUMMMY


Thursday, November 02, 2006

When my secret Pal told me that she had already sent me a package in the mail... i must tell you i was over the moon... and buzzzzzing with excitement... see... this is my first time participating in these swaps/exchange .... anyway... with family around (they returned to Singapore yesterday afternoon)... i havent got ANY knitting done.... anyway....

I had a feeling there was a package sitting at the post office waiting for me... but i just didnt have time to go get it... finally yesterday afternoon, i got to the post office.... you wont believe what's in the box!!!! have a look:

Thats what i have been going on and on about whilst participating in the Dishcloth Swap! Lots and lots of Sugar n Cream yarn (in alllllll the yummalicious colors I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE!!!) and the cheery on top of the icing... a copy of the Mason Dixon Knitting.... Wow... !

Secret Pal... YOU ARE THE BEST .... thank u thank u thank u *hugz**hugz**hugz**