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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lots happened since my last posting....

We celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday... and my DH surprised me with a hugh flower arrangment delivered to my office...

Also...with heaps of help from the lovely Michelle, it is finished.....phew
I think it will be a while before i take on another sweater project :P

The first of many…

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

26 August Saturday was my first day at City Nits. That was heaps fun!! So pleased to have met Ann and her daughters, and Helen in person :)) Even though I could only stayed for a while, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I should have left at 2.45pm, but time files when you have fun, eventually, I left about 3.15pm… and very reluctantly… anyhow, thanks Ann for helping me with the dishcloth… it is coming along nicely.

Thanks Michelle for introducing me to this wonderful meeting *hugz*

Cannot wait till the next meeting….. seems so far away… this time, I shall keep my afternoon FREE!!!

I just don’t know what to do with myself….

Monday, August 21, 2006

I am facing a problem…And so early in my knitting “career”… I think I have over estimated:
a) My knitting ability
b) Time I have
c) My patience ... I have soooo little of it… :(((

I am half way through the sleeves for the sweater I am knitting for the Guardian Angel project, and I am getting really frustrated at myself at being soooo slow! I must knitting faster…knit faster… so I can finish it before this weekend, so I can sew them up during the weekend….whatever it is, the little girl in Mongolia is getting her sweater!

After that… diving straight into the Dishcloth Swap… already ordered some cotton yarn together with Michelle from Bendigo. Over the weekend, also bought a ball of Anchor Magicline cotton yarn for this Garterlac Dishcloth pattern from Criminy Jickets. Looks really complicated huh? We going to attempt this and hopefully be able to produce some results…fingers crossed!!

Am STILL thinking whether I should be signing up for the Scarf Exchange …. I need to clear all that junk from our old place then organize for professional cleaners/carpet cleaners etc …..I still have boxes to unpack … I should starting planning for painting (although I am kinda getting used to the white plaster on the wall…. Hahahaha looks like cheap white paint)… I think I should sit out of this one….

Another problem…I have no idea how to knit socks…oh but I NEED to learn how to knit socks…I have seen too many knitting socks … and am drooling to have a pair of my own… will someone teach me how to knit socks? Pretty pretty please?

In the meantime… whilst not knitting… what do I do? My eyes start roving…and my fingers itch….I start buying knitting magazines, books, and worst of all… yarn! My stash is getting larger and larger … and my darling hubby is giving me AND my stash strange looks…. hmmm...

The flesh is weak....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another purchase..... just cannot help myself :(

wonder when will I get to any of these from Lana Grossa.... ????

New Purchase...

Friday, August 04, 2006

I know.. i know.... i am suppose to be saving.... but I cannot help myself.

After being messed around by the floor covering company I was sooooooo upset I was asked to go home early to cool of....

Surprise surprise ... i ended up in Spotlight.. the very place I was determind to stay away from this week.... sigh... my flesh is weak

Anyway... i bought this book for only $5 ... why not? Cheered me up a little :)))

Check out whats in it at the Cleckheaton website.

The patterns are soooo adorable.....and no... i know what you guys are thinking... its not for least not yet :P