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My first surprise

Friday, April 27, 2007

My lovely SP10 pal's first surprised has arrived... needless to say... i could wait till i was home to rip open the box! DH thought i was nutz.... oh who cares...

It contained lots of my fav things.... EASY MAC!!!! In Alfredo sauce? Ooo... how luxe... they dont have that here... i saw DH eyeing... i better hide it... better still.. i better EAT IT SOON :)

I also got a cow print fabric pouch.... a scrungy.... lots of candy.... oooo.....Divine Godiva chocolate bunny.... which i will be good and share with DH.....

Also got 2 felting wool..... and a skein of Noro :) and of course... a food mag and a few other bits

Thanks Secret Pal.... LOVE THEM ALL

I'm sorry Mum....

Monday, April 23, 2007

I am sorry I made you and Daddy so worried ... I was just being curious about what lies beyond those fence... Please dont stop giving me those delicious scooby biscuits ...I have learnt my lesson.....I promise I will try my very best to be good...

God is ever Faithful

Sunday, April 22, 2007

God bless the man who found my dog.... and had his friend who called the pound.
Thank you stranger.... !!!

Thanks Sasha for your kind thoughts.... and Michelle... hugz.... thanks for helping me go round the neighbourhood distributing flyers.

DH and I can sleep peacefully tonight. NEVER again, do i want to experience this ... so... DH is taking the day off work tomorrow to do the following:
1) use bricks to cover ALL gap between fence and soil
2) Register Brutas with the council
3) Get him a dog tag with our details... i dun care if he has to lug the BIG tag around on his neck... better still... he cannot run far
4) Off to the vet to be microchipped
5) back home to face the music from US!

Any one know if i can put GPS on a dog? i am seriously considering it...
Brutas's picture was on the Cannington Councils's website... look at him.... he looks like a little proud gangster ...look at him!!! Not remorseful AT ALL....arrghhhh... and know what he was doing when he was "discovered" ?.. trying to fight with 2 ...not one but TWO dogs easily 3 times his size!!

Oh my Brutas.... Thank God he is safe and sound.


Brutas ran off.... cannot find him.... been hours since we have been searching.... am very very upset and stressed.... Please pray for his safe return .... i will give anything in return for his return


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Look what I've got... new handmade wallet :) its georgous.... check out Jenna Lou's.
Its GEORGOUS! Its unique.... I LOVE IT!!!!!


DH loves Italian, especially pasta... so i cook them often... :)
very gratifying to see him slurp it down in a hurry
Tomatoey Prawn with sour cream and parsley

Fatty Creamy Carbonara with Pancetta

+ + =

Still at them Jaywalkers...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yes... i am still knitting them.... progress is slow cos i dont understand the pattern... ok... i should have chosen another pattern as my 2nd sock and not be so ambitious... but I am determind to have them COMPLETED! I am again weary .... it seems to go on forever and at this rate.. this sock will be tooooo long for me to wear....

For the next 4 pattern repeats, on every other row increase one at both sides of the sole ...blah blah..blah... you will now have 40 stitches on the sole (Done)
On the last plain round, put markers in your knitting one stitch in from either side so you will have 38 stitches in that middle section (Done)
Continue working your gusset increases every other row until you have 16 stitches on each side ouside of your markers - you will have a total of 70 stiches on the sole side of your sock
Question - am i suppose to only work the "sole" or am i still knitting in the round???


its official.... i am a yarn snob.... most of the time, yarns from Lindcraft and Spotlight doesnt do it for me anymore... i CRAVE those lucious hand dye yarns.... my stash over the last couple of weeks.... mostly from a large purchase from the lovely Daphne (The Knittery) :

4 Ply sock yarn from Lorna Laces purchased from the lovely Helen at Knitting Inspirations
(After all my pinkiness... this is my FIRST pink pink yarn .... its way overdue.... )

Sophie's Toe Sock Yarn in Blueberry Pie
(Deeeeeelicous.... and gifted by the fabulous Toni)

4 Ply Merino Cashmere in Lakeside Flora
(couple socks... one for DH... one for me... cute? Any recommendation on a pattern??)

2 Ply Merino Silk in Passionfruit
(for a lace project.... not sure what yet)

4 Ply Merino wool from The Knittery in Minty and Orange Blossom
(socks.... socks.....what else.... )

Nothing new..

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

As usual.... I am stuck again.... i am the worst interpreter EVER .... i am stuck at the heel of the Jaywalkers

"For the next 4 (4, 5, 5) pattern repeats, on every other row, increase one at both sides of the sole" Question: increase at Row 1 or 2 of pattern repeat ... I am assuming row 1 and increasing on the sole.....yay? nay?


Easter is over.... 4 blissful days of holiday only to go back to a nightmare at work! Piles of files awaiting on my desks, countless emails, filing, telephone calls from clients wondering why they havent heard from you ....arrrghhhhhh! Public holidays... they good or bad?? I wasnt the only one....DH has a bad day too.... had the worst case of verbal abuse from a customer.... was still huffing and puffing when he got home... i think time to take out the hidden stash of chocolates to indulge....with a nice cuppa.... don't you agree?

New Look

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Have been so excited about about the look of my blog i completely forgot to mention it ... sorry Michelle... thanks for helping me organize this new look ... its even more pink now :) and features my beloved Brutas ... isnt he just handsome?


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

An absolutely scrumptious recipe from Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery
it's a sandwich cookie that's dark chocolate on the outside and white chocolate grenache within....

Dan's come up with a brilliant idea... try peanut butter as a filling instead.... am off to the supermarkets to get me hands on some and straight home to test it out :)

On the knitting front... i have taken 2 steps forward... and gone 3 steps backwards... My Jaywalkers have been frogged at our last City Nits... it was a unanimous agreement between the ladies that a smaller needle should have been used.... oh well... practice... makes it perfect isnt it? I couldnt bear to do the frogging... Michelle kindly obliged to help... hmmm....

I also had my first attempt at the swift and winder.... wonderous the experience... seeing the skeins of yarn being winded up effortlessly into beautiful balls .... pictures already posted on Michelle's blog .... check it out :)